A person who is above the age of twenty five years on the date of application shall be eligible for admission as a member of the Club for all categories of membership.

Categories of Members

  • Children Category(cq) 
  • Donor
  • Honorary  Member
  • Honorary Life  Member
  • Institutional Category
  • Life Member
  • Long Term Temporary Members
  • Nri
  • Patron
  • Regular
  • Service Category
  • Service Category Member
  • Special
  • Special Dependent
  • Sports Category

Club Membership Open under the following categories:

  • Regular Membership: Contact office for details of Admission Fees
  • Institutional Membership–Admission fee Rs.15.5 Lakhs + Other Charges for 1st Nominee and Rs.3.25 Lakhs + Other Charges for each additional Nominee up-to a maximum of 5 Nominees.
  • Service Category: Admission fee Rs.2.5 Lakhs + Other Charges for Class 1 Senior Scale Officers State, Central & Statutory Boards (up-to retirement only).
  • Long Term Temporary Membership: 

    This class of members shall at no time be in excess of 50. Only senior officials of State /Central Government of Grade-1 cadre or Managers and above officials of scheduled banks, officer and officials of institutions of Public amenities like BBMP, BDA, BESCOM, BWSSB etc. The membership offered under this class shall be for a maximum period of 3 years continuously. Persons desiring membership by virtue of being owners or executives of any organization that can be categorized under Business establishments are not eligible under this class of Membership.
    This class of Membership shall be awarded for minimum period of one year, renewable for a further period of one year without any renewal fee. A member can renew his membership on yearly basis up to a maximum period as specified. If a member fails to renew his membership after expiry of the term of membership for a period exceeding one year, the membership shall LAPSE automatically. In such an event, the member may submit an application for fresh membership paying the prescribed Entrance and all other fees for consideration of the Executive Committee/ President/ Honorary Secretary.